Container Training
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March 27, 2018: SREcon Americas — Kubernetes 101
April 11-12, 2018: Introduction aux conteneurs (in French)  
April 13, 2018: Introduction à l'orchestration (in French)  
Past workshops
Boosterconf: Kubernetes 101
IndexConf: Kubernetes 101
Kubernetes enablement at Docker
QCON SF: Orchestrating Microservices with Docker Swarm
QCON SF: Introduction to Docker and Containers
LISA17 M7: Getting Started with Docker and Containers
LISA17 T9: Build, Ship, and Run Microservices on a Docker Swarm Cluster
Deploying and scaling microservices with Docker and Kubernetes
DockerCon Workshop: from Zero to Hero (full day, B3 M1-2)
DockerCon Workshop: Orchestration for Advanced Users (afternoon, B4 M5-6)
LISA16 T1: Deploying and Scaling Applications with Docker Swarm
PyCon2016: Introduction to Docker and containers
Self-paced tutorials
Introduction to Docker and Containers
Container Orchestration with Docker and Swarm
Deploying and Scaling Microservices with Docker and Kubernetes